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Guided Meditations to Help with Anxiety & Panic- Three Brief Anxiety Relieving Exercises, Plus Guided Imagery & Affirmations for Reducing or Eliminating Panic Attacks and Achieving Deep Relaxation

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Description: The Health Journeys guided meditation for panic attacks combines several highly effective, research proven approaches to treating panic attacks naturally. Belleruth Naparstek s soothing, trustworthy voice, scored to Steven Mark Kohn s deeply calming, immersive music, guides listeners in brief exercises of conscious breathing, mantra meditation and progressive body scanning, for quick access to a relaxed state. And repeated listening to the 18-minute track of guided imagery for panic attacks, instills a sense of mastery and control to dramatically reduce the frequency and intensity of panic attacks, disruptive anxiety, and even phobias. Positive affirmations use a briefer version of the same healing images and ideas, to play on the go or even while driving. These 5 versatile tracks of panic attack meditation can be used separately or together, in any sequence and in any combination. Research shows that 20 minutes a day of any of this content, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks, will reduce symptoms and provide a natural treatment for panic attacks. Continued use can even help forestall future episodes of panic. For some, this guided meditation for panic attacks has reduced the need for medication; and in some instances, has even replaced it. (Running Time: 66 minutes). Previously titled: Panic Attacks


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